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Heather Gordon Murphy - Choreography, Acting, Repertoire

Heather is an experienced dance and movement artist and has been involved in dance and theatre for over 40 years.... teaching dance for well over 25 years. 


Having grown up in Campbell River, she has contributed her talents both on stage and off to many musicals and reviews including Shoreline Musical Theatre Society, River City Players and The Tidemark's Youth Theatre Program.  Heather is a renown choreographer.  Her most recent international job was as assistant choreographer to the FIFA World Cup in Azerbijan.  Heather is one of the few independant dancers ever to work and perform with Cirque du Soleil.  Heather was also assistant choreographer for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. 

She has worked with many talented actors, singers, performers and athletes over the years.  Heather's infectious enthusiasm motivates those around her to excel.  She enjoys helping performance artists find new and innovative ways to explore their creativity.  Heather has the ability to work with students of any experience level to help them produce quality dance and movement whether for exams, festivals or just for fun!


Kristy Miller - Voice, Musical Theatre, Repertoire

Kristy has been involved in music and theatre for over 35 years.  Kristy studied Vocal Performance and Composition in Chicago IL and went on to Minneapolis MN where she studied arranging, Vocal Pedagogy, Theatre Production and Multicultural Music (Ethnomusicology). 

Kristy is an avid singer and performer, a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing and a BC Registered Music Teacher.  She has been teaching private voice for over 18 years.  One of her favorite genres is Musical theatre and Musical Review shows. 

Kristy has been vocal coach, vocal director, staging director and choreographer for many youth musical productions over the years in Campbell River.  She has worked with Shoreline Musical Theatre Society, River City Players, Tidemark Theatre's Youth Theatre Program, Timberline High School, Campbell River Baptist Church Youth Musicals and others. Kristy's energy and enthusiasm for musical theatre draws the best out of each of her students... Kristy's students excel at Musical Theatre winning awards and consistently placing in the top at festivals, competitions and in exams. "Musical Theatre is all about telling a story.... creating a moment in time.   We can make our audience weep with sorrow or laugh with joy... what a huge motivation to tell our story well!"

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